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Bioreactors in Biotechnology

Bioreactors are a crucial tool in the bioprocessing industry, providing a controlled environment for the growth of living cells and microorganisms, enabling efficient and precise bioprocessing.

The eLAB® category is specifically designed for laboratory settings, providing efficient and flexible solutions for research and development. Single-use bioreactor bags and multi-use wave bag bioreactors offer reliable and consistent performance, while downstream processing solutions enable purification of proteins and optimization of cell culture growth.

For pilot and small-scale production, ePILOT® products offer scalable solutions, enabling seamless technology transfer to larger-scale production. Speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in pilot production are important, and single-use bioreactor bags and multi-use wave bag bioreactors are engineered to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

The ePROD® category is designed for large-scale production, offering reliable and efficient solutions for commercial biomanufacturing. Single-use bioreactor bags and multi-use stainless steel bioreactors are tailored to meet the needs of commercial production, allowing for efficient and consistent bioprocessing at scale.

The ePLUS® line is designed to complement existing bioprocess solutions, offering advanced features and capabilities that enhance process control and monitoring. The industry-leading solutions streamline the upstream and downstream processes in bioprocess applications, providing cost-effective and reliable single-use and multi-use options for bioreactors and downstream processing.

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Laboratory Scale - 1 to 5 L

eLAB® Bioreactors

eLAB® product line offers an unparalleled range of solutions designed specifically for laboratory settings. Whether you’re conducting research and development, process optimization, or quality control, our products are engineered to provide the reliability and flexibility that you need to achieve your goals.

Our eLAB® bioreactors are engineered to provide precise control over critical parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature, ensuring optimal conditions for the growth and production of cells and microorganisms. The intuitive interface allows for easy setup and monitoring, while the compact design allows for efficient use of laboratory space.


Products For Pilot Scale - 10L to 50L

ePILOT® Bioreactors

ePILOT® products, we offer scalable solutions for pilot and small-scale production, allowing for seamless technology transfer to larger-scale production. Our ePILOT® products are engineered with advanced features to provide consistent and reliable performance, while also providing the flexibility to adapt to changing production needs. Whether you’re conducting research and development or scaling up to production, our eLAB® and ePILOT® categories provide comprehensive solutions for your bioprocessing needs.


Products For Production Scale - 100L to 5000L

ePROD® Bioreactors

Our ePROD® category is the perfect solution for large-scale production, providing reliable and efficient solutions for commercial biomanufacturing. Our bioreactors and downstream processing systems are designed to meet the demands of high-volume production while ensuring consistent and repeatable results. With advanced features such as automation and real-time monitoring, our ePROD® products enable you to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Whether you are producing vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, or other biologics, our ePROD® solutions can help you meet your production goals efficiently and cost-effectively.


Additional equipment​

ePLUS® Complements

Designed to complement our existing bioprocess solutions, our ePLUS® line offers advanced features and capabilities. Whether you are looking to optimize your upstream or downstream processes, our ePLUS® products can help you achieve the desired results quickly and easily.

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