Unlock the full potential of your research and production with the eLAB MULTI bioreactor.

Unlock your research potential with our top-quality bioreactors. TECNIC’s eLAB bioreactor is highly scalable, with the ability to connect up to 12 vessels in series by adding additional modules. Choose between borosilicate glass or stainless steel vessels with working volumes of 1L, 2L, or 5L, optimized for microbial and cell culture with the ideal diameter-to-height ratio. Standard pH, pO2, temperature, and foam sensors are included, with the option to add additional VCD, TCD, and biochemical sensors.

Invest in a bioreactor that delivers results.


Up to 12 different vessels in row available in different volums.

Multiple sensors

Included as standard pH, pO2, tempature and foam/level.

Servo Engine

Maximum agitation precision for shear stress control.

eLAB MULTI Bioreactor

Discover the new Servo Engine, a cutting-edge solution for precise control of shear stress at low rpm. The engine features a positioning indicator that ensures maximum agitation accuracy, and its versatile pumps can be configured as variable or fixed. The eLAB bioreactor also comes equipped with standard pH and pO2 sensors, with the option to add ORP, cell density, and CO2 sensors for added versatility. Empower your research with the Servo Engine and achieve optimal results with its unmatched precision and versatility.

The eLAB TWIN Bioreactor boasts a compact design, measuring approximately 1220mm in length, 553mm in width, and 833mm in height. The vessels of the bioreactor have a 1:2.5 diameter-to-height ratio, and offer the following dimensions (diameter x height) and working volumes:


  • 1L Vessel: 228mm x 458mm with a working volume of 0.35-1L
  • 2L Vessel: 236mm x 500mm with a working volume of 0.6-2L
  • 5L Vessel: 260mm x 604mm with a working volume of 0.85-5L

*Note: These dimensions are for the structure only and do not include the condenser.


This compact and versatile design allows for efficient use of laboratory space while providing ample room for sample growth and manipulation.

The eLAB Bioreactor is made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L, in accordance with the specifications outlined in the ASME BPE Standard (SF4).

The vessels of the bioreactor are available in two materials: borosilicate glass or stainless steel. Additionally, the bioreactor features a  capacitive touch screen with a 15-inch glass display and a status indicator light, providing clear and intuitive operation.

Servo engine with hight accurancy in low rpm, due to its encoder with positioning indicator that allows the maximum agitation precision for shear stress control.

The maximum rotation speed motor is 2000 rpm for microbial and 600 rpm for the cell culture applications.

The agitation is provided with the option to choose between Rushton impellers for microbial fermentation or Pitched-Blade or Marine impellers for cell culture.

The eLAB Bioreactor is equipped with advanced peristaltic pumps, offering the versatility of 4 pumps for single vessel operation or 8 pumps for twin vessel operation, all integrated within the control unit.

With a 2-in-1 design concept, the multi-way pumps can be configurated to work as variable or fixed pumps, allowing to meet the specific needs of your application.

The eLAB Bioreactor  comes with eSCADA Advanced included in its features. This allows for remote monitoring and control of the bioreactor through a supervisory control and data acquisition system.


Multiple sensors available for TECNIC eLAB Bioreactor. Built-in sensors pH,pO, temperature and foam/leavel are included as standard. Additionally, Total Cell Density (TCD), Viable Cell Density (VCD), redox, conductivity, pCO2 and some biochemical parameters are available for the control and monitoring.

Digital/Analogic auxiliary impunt, up to 4 (4-20 mA). Connection by Modbus protocol.

It is designed for microbial and cell culture applications. It has a gas flow capability, which allows for optimal growth and cultivation of microorganisms and cells.

Microbial and Cell culture applications:

  • Four-gas mixing: Air, O2, CO2 , N2 by MFCs
  • Four flow meters through sparger and overlay
  • Gas mix as aeration strategy: AIR and O2
  •  Up to 2 vvm volume flow for each gas.


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