Wave Bioreactor

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The versatile and efficient bioreactor system designed to meet all your microbial and cell culture needs. With a wide working volume range of 2 liters to 50 liters of single-use bags, eLAB WAVE offers flexibility and scalability for any project. The unique trial axis movement with rocking motion agitation ensures optimal growth. Maximize the efficiency of your operations with the optional external control unit, designed to provide comprehensive monitoring and precise adjustments of temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen levels for improved yields and product quality. Upgrade your lab with eLAB WAVE and experience the reliability and efficiency that sets it apart from the competition

Easy Monitoring

7” display screen for a proper monitoring control of agitation/temperature

Trial Axis
Rocking Motion

Wave are based on a trial axis movement for a gas transfer optimization

energy efficiency

Modular PID temperature control system with 8 independent surfaces

eLAB Wave Basic

eLAB WAVE is a bioreactor for microbial and cell culture using Single-Use bags with a wide working volume range (2L to 50L). TECNIC’s WAVE equipment are based on a trial axis movement with a rocking motion agitation. Additionally, an external control unit could be add to allow a full control/monitoring of the all parameters.

The “Wave Bioreactor” weighs approximately 50 kg and measures 560 mm in length, 800 mm in width, and 430 mm in height.

The eLAB Wave Bioreactor is constructed with a combination of plastic injection molding and high-grade stainless steel AISI 316L (compliant with ASME BPE specifications, classified as SF4). The device is equipped with a state-of-the-art capacitive touch screen interface, featuring a 7-inch glass display for clear and intuitive operation.

The Wave Bioreactor boasts a motor that incorporates both digital and analog auxiliary inputs. It features a state-of-the-art agitator with a rocking motion and a 4-20 mA signal output. The agitator is powered by a highly precise servomotor that enables trial-axis orbital movement, ensuring optimal performance through degree control.

The Wave Bioreactor is enhanced with the eSCADA Basic feature, providing remote monitoring and control capabilities via a comprehensive Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.


This bioreactor is equipped with a versatile gas flow system, capable of providing optimal growth and cultivation conditions for microorganisms and cells through the incorporation of both air and oxygen.

Control Unit

The eLAB WAVE Control Unit is a sophisticated instrument designed for laboratory applications to monitor and regulate various parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, agitation, and temperature. The advanced version offers real-time monitoring, adjustments, data logging, and reporting capabilities, providing a means to obtain more accurate and dependable results while streamlining processes and minimizing the risk of errors, ultimately saving time and resources.

The Control Unit weighs approximately 50 kg and measures 437 mm in length, 850 mm in width, and 500 mm in height.

The LAB WAVE Control Unit is a reliable and adaptable solution for monitoring laboratory parameters. With a durable stainless steel housing (AISI 316L), a spacious 15-inch touch screen display, and a color-coded status light, it offers ease of use and efficient system status identification.

The eLAB WAVE Control Unit represents a cutting-edge solution for managing laboratory parameters. It offers the ability to precisely adjust speeds with its four variable-speed pumps, thereby enabling precise experimentation and process control. With the option to add bottles and tubing, this system allows for flexible chemical handling, facilitating the optimization of results.

The eLAB WAVE Control Unit offers advanced monitoring and control capabilities for laboratory parameters, featuring a temperature sensor (10-60ºC), a single-use dissolved oxygen sensor (0-100%), a pH sensor (2-12), and the option of adding a viable cell density sensor or load cells. This system provides accurate control and monitoring for experiments and processes.


The LAB WAVE Control Unit boasts state-of-the-art gas mixing technology for microbial and cell culture applications. It features three or four flow meters, each controlled by mass flow controllers, and two mass flow controllers for each gas type (Air, O2, CO2 , N2). This provides precise control of gases during experiments or processes, ensuring accurate results.

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