Maximize research and production results with ePILOT, a solution designed to tackle tough upstream processes in production.

Take your microbial fermentation and cell culture to the next level with the ePILOT bioreactor. With replaceable vessels and working volumes of 10, 20, 30, and 50L, our bioreactors offer maximum efficiency and flexibility. Equipped with digital sensors for pH, pO2, temperature, and foam/level, the ePILOT bioreactor provides real-time monitoring. The Control Unit, manufactured by TECNIC, features a 15″ touch screen, gas supply systems, and peristaltic pumps for complete control. Unlock the full potential of your research and production with the ePILOT bioreactor.

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Easy to change the volume vessel

Auto SIP

Steam self-generation system for auto-sterilization (SIP)

Load cell

To achieve an accurate weight control

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ePILOT Bioreactor

Achieve precise weight control with our LOAD CELL. The peristaltic pumps feature a 2 in 1 concept with multi-way pumps that are adjustable and can even function as fixed pumps. The system also includes an auto sterilization feature with a steam self-generation system for SIP.
TECNIC has designed special additional valves and a large sight glass for easy monitoring and control.


The “ePILOT Bioreactor”  approximately measures 1095 mm in length, 650 mm in width, and 1834 mm in height.

The ePILOT equipment is constructed of high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L (compliant with ASME BPE SF4 standards) to ensure durability and reliability. It also features a capacitive touch screen with a 25-inch glass display.

Rotation speed motor with hight accurancy in low rpm, due to its encoder with positioning indicator that allows the maximum agitation precision for shear stress control.

The maximum rotation speed motor is 1000 rpm for microbial and 600 rpm for the cell culture applications.

The agitation is provided with the option to choose between Rushton impellers for microbial fermentation or Pitched-Blade or Marine impellers for cell culture.

The ePILOT Bioreactor system is equipped with eSCADA Advanced software, a  supervisory control and data acquisition system. This advanced technology enables remote monitoring and control of the bioreactor, with the capability to automate processes and user management. The system is designed to adhere to CFR21.11 regulations and offers the ability to generate custom recipes with various phase types, providing users with the flexibility to configure their processes to meet specific requirements.

The system also generates detailed reports that document the results of the executed recipes, including actions performed. This level of monitoring and control allows for greater efficiency and ease of use in your  operations.


It is designed for microbial and cell culture applications. It has a gas flow capability for each application, which allows for optimal growth and cultivation of microorganisms and cells.

Microbial applications:

  • Three-gas mixing: Air, O2, N2
    Three flow meters through sparger by MFCs
  • Gas mix as aeration strategy: AIR and O2 Up to 1.5 vvm volume flow for each gas

Cell Culture applications:

  • Four-gas mixing: Air, O2, N2, CO2
  • O2, N2 by MFCs
  • Four flow meters through sparger and overlay
  • Up to 1.5 vvm volume flow for each gas

The ePILOT bioreactor is designed with an innovative Auto-Sterilization system (AUTO-SIP), which can be activated simply by connecting to a supply of pure steam at 3 bars.

Additionally, the system has been engineered with an AUTO-CIP function, allowing for fully automated cleaning recipes through the use of integrated automatic valves and customizable recipes. This level of automation provides increased efficiency and convenience for the user.

Our 2-in-1 concept multiway pumps offer versatility and functionality with the capability to operate as either variable or fixed pumps. Our standard configuration includes four peristaltic pumps, with the option for additional external pumps for expanded operation


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