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ePLUS® CIP Cleaning System

For cleaning volumes up to 2000L

Compact vesel

Standard 100L vessel of 316L stainless steel is installed to clean large volume equipment.

Full automatic​

Easy configurated from a prestablished recipe for an intuitive usage.

Very adaptable​

Standard manifold of 4 outlets expandable to higher number.
*If is required.


Power-controlled resistance is available, ensuring the temperature remains above 70ºC

Inside Our Cleaning System

Introducing the Full Automatic and Easy-to-Use Compact Vessel with Optional Heating System. This innovative solution features a prestablished recipe for an intuitive configuration experience. With a standard manifold of 4 outlets that can be expanded if needed, this compact vessel is equipped with a 100L stainless steel tank that effectively can clean large volume equipment using a CIP cleaning system. 


The CIP bioreactor tank is designed to deliver efficient and reliable cleaning, ensuring that your bioreactor is free of contamination and ready for the next batch. To maintain optimal temperature during cleaning, an optional autonomous heating system with a power-controlled resistance is available, ensuring the temperature remains above 70ºC. 

Experience a versatile and adaptable cleaning solution with this compact vessel and optional heating system. Invest in the CIP tank and streamline your cleaning process for optimal efficiency and productivity.


The Cleaning-In-Place equipment measures approximately 1651 mm in length, 600 mm in width, and 1537 mm in height.

The Cleaning-In-Place equipment is expertly crafted from high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L (SF4, as specified by ASME BPE standards) to ensure durability and longevity. Additionally, it boasts a capacitive touch screen with a large 15-inch glass display for ease of use and an improved user experience.

The Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system can be enhanced with an additional external pump, which provides the option to use two separate cleaning products. The standard CIP configuration includes a robust centrifugal pump for effective recirculation of water and a variable pump for the precise addition of detergents. Furthermore, a convenient sampling system is available if desired, offering increased flexibility and convenience in your cleaning processes.

An optional autonomous WPF heating system is available for the Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) system, designed to maintain the temperature above 70°C. This system features a precision resistance that enables sequential control of heating power, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in your cleaning processes.

CIP equippement is fully prepared to carry out the 6-Phase-Cycles:

  1. Pre-rinse: Wets the interior surface, removes most of the remaining residues, dissolves sugras and partially melts fats.
  2. Caustic Wash: This stage wahes fats, making them easier to remove.
  3. Intermediate rinse: Water is used to flush out traces of detergent remaining.
  4. Drying:This phase revome moisture remaining.
  5. Sanitizing rinse: This step helps to kill microorganisms before starting the next production cycle.
  6. Final rinse: With either WFI, PW or tap water to flush residual cleaning agents.

This systematic approach ensures thorough and efficient cleaning of the equipment, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene in your operations.

Ease of Access and Maintenance
with the Latest Technology

ePLUS® CIP is equipped with tanks that can accommodate cleaning volumes up to 2,000 liters. The systems come with a control tower, which features a 15-inch touch screen, powered by TECNIC’s proprietary software, Advanced eSCADA®. This software, based on SCADA architecture, enables the management of process control parameters, recipe management, and report generation. Furtheremore, the systems can be customized with an additional detergent tank, enabling the use of two different cleaning products. The option of a self-generating heat system is also available to regulate temperature.

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