Tangential Flow Filtration

Streamline Your Filtration Process with ePROD TFF

The Ultimate Fully Automated Solution

This fully automated equipment is designed to meet the demands of your production scale, providing a reliable and efficient solution for media concentration and diafiltration.

With a double control box and a durable stainless steel vessel as standard features, ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration is built to last. Whether you’re dealing with high-volume production or need a more streamlined solution for your lab, this equipment is scalable to meet your specific needs.


Designed for ease of use, ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration simplifies the filtration process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your production.

Adaptable holder

Built in our facilities, versatile to a large number of cassettes, hollow fiber & ceramic filters.


Full automatic valves prepared to carry out a CIP/SIP cycles through the entire equipment.

Automatic system

 Using differential pressure, transmembranal pressure or crossflow regulation.

ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration

“The ePROD filtration equipment boasts cutting-edge design to enhance downstream processes with a flexible working filtration surface area of 7 to 65 square meters, capable of delivering micro, nano, or ultra filtration. With a variety of membrane, ceramic, and hollow fiber solutions, ePROD provides adaptability to meet individualized requirements.

Efficiency is a top priority with ePROD, featuring a dual control box with a 15″ and 25″ touch screen for multi-user operation, ensuring seamless compliance with GMP standards. This makes our equipment a dependable and trustworthy option for your filtration needs.

Convenient maintenance is facilitated by its modular skid design, enabling prompt and efficient maintenance operations.”

The “ePROD TFF” measures 2760 mm in length, 1243 mm in width, and 2325 mm in height.

“The ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration equipment is constructed of high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L (compliant with ASME BPE SF4 standards) to ensure durability and reliability.


It features a dual control box with a 15″ and 25″ touch screen, providing dual interaction for multi-user registration (administrator/operator), enabling compliance with GMP guidelines for seamless operation.

The ePROD TFF boasts versatile multiway pumps that can be configured as variable or fixed, delivering exceptional pumping capacity with minimal friction for precise flow rate control during filtration processes. Furthermore, the TFF is equipped with a highly efficient lobular pump, enabling operation under high pressures with reduced shear stress, as well as a centrifugal (recirculating) pump for conducting automated CIP recipes.

The ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration system is designed with an innovative Auto-Sterilization system (AUTO-SIP), which can be activated simply by connecting to a supply of pure steam at 3 bars.


Additionally, the system has been engineered with an AUTO-CIP function, allowing for fully automated cleaning recipes through the use of integrated automatic valves and customizable recipes. This level of automation provides increased efficiency and convenience for the user.

The ePROD TFF system is equipped with eSCADA Advanced software, a  supervisory control and data acquisition system. This advanced technology enables remote monitoring and control of the automatic TFF, with the capability to automate processes and user management. The system is designed to adhere to CFR21.11 regulations and offers the ability to generate custom recipes with various phase types, providing users with the flexibility to configure their processes to meet specific requirements. The system also generates detailed reports that document the results of the executed recipes, including actions performed. This level of monitoring and control allows for greater efficiency and ease of use in your  operations.

The TECNIC holders, fabricated in-house, are constructed from high-quality stainless steel and have been designed to offer maximum flexibility  by accommodating a wide range of cassettehollow fiber, and ceramic filters. This allows for optimal optimization of downstream processes, with a filtration surface area ranging from 7 to 65 square meters, suitable for nanofiltration, microfiltration, or ultrafiltration.

The ePROD Tangential Flow Filtration system is specifically designed for the efficient media diafiltration and concentration of a wide range of products in the biotechnology and food industries, including recombinant proteins, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies. Its user-friendly design also allows for seamless downscaling to laboratory scale, providing versatility and ease of use.


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