About us and our bioprocess equipment

About us and our
bioprocess equipment

Advancing biotech with specialized bioprocess equipment

Bioprocess equipment and scalability

We are dedicated to empowering the biopharmaceutical sector, biotech startups, and scientific communities with innovative solutions and advanced technologies. Our mission is to accelerate research, development, and engineering milestones while minimizing costs. We offer a suite of tools designed for efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring our clients can achieve their objectives with precision and speed.

With our range of bioprocess equipment, eLAB®, ePILOT®, ePROD® and ePLUS®, we ensure seamless scalability for your Biopharma projects. In the early stages of research and development, our eLAB® of Bioreactors and Tangential Flow Filtration equipment ⇀ provides solutions designed for the laboratory environment. Consequently, it enables you to conduct experiments and tests efficiently, laying a solid foundation for your project. As you progress towards pilot-scale production up to 50L, our ePILOT® range of Bioreactors and Tangential Flow Filtration ⇀ comes into play, offering advanced capabilities to upscale your processes with confidence and precision. Ultimately, It is the key intermediate step to validate and optimize your technology before moving to full-scale production.

Finally, with our ePROD® range of Bioreactors and Tangential Flow Filtration ⇀, we provide highly efficient and reliable production equipment that allows you to achieve your large-scale production up to 4000L objectives seamlessly. Our bioprocess equipment ensures outstanding results and a smooth transition from pilot to full production.

Discover your partner in Bioprocess Solutions.

Access innovative solutions designed to drive your research and development in bioprocesses. Our commitment is to provide you with efficient and effective tools, ensuring you achieve your goals with precision and speed.

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Headquarters near to Barcelona

With over + 80 dedicated employees and a spacious facility, our offices, FAT room, and production area form the core of our vision and activity in the Biopharmaceutical industry. Specializing in bioprocess equipment, we work passionately to develop innovative solutions and collaborate closely with leading partners and professionals in the field from this strategic location. Our headquarters serve as the base from which we propel towards a future of excellence and sustainable growth in bioprocess equipment.

Additionally, we boast BSL2 laboratories and an ISO 7 single-use room, reaffirming our commitment to the highest standards of safety and quality in our operations.

FAT area
Single Use ISO 7 cleanroom

Explore our complete range of equipment

TECNIC's Biopharmaceutical equipment sets the standard in drug development and production. Our range includes precision-engineered bioreactors and TFF systems, tailored for the biopharmaceutical industry. Explore our comprehensive equipment offerings across Bioreactors, Tangential Flow Filtration, and more. Visit our pages for Bioreactors ⇀, Tangential Flow Filtration ⇀, and Contact ⇀ for further information and inquiries.