Cookies policy

What are cookies? 

Cookies are files containing information that are generated on the user's device when browsing in a specific website. 


What types of cookies are there? 


Depending on the entity managing them 


Are those that are collected by the publisher itself to offer the service requested by the user 

Third Party 

Those collected and managed by a third party 

Depending on the period of time they remain active 


Collect data while the user browses a website and disappear at the end of the session 


They are stored in the terminal and the information obtained can be accessed and processed for a specific period of time 

Depending on the purpose 


They allow the correct navigation on a website. They also enable the use of certain complements that complete the functions of the website and allow the integration of security elements, identify the user's session, enable payment gateways, etc. 

Preferences or Personalization 

Allow to remember information to the user to access the service with certain features, for example, define the language, regional settings or browser types 

Analytics or measurement 

Allow the analysis, monitoring and measurement of the browsing of the user, in order to improve their experience 

Advertising and Behavior advertising 

Allow the analysis, monitoring and measurement of the browsing of the user, in order to improve their experience 


The user can be informed of transfers to third countries, if any, made to third parties in their corresponding policies.  

In the event that the cookies are modified, the Cookies Policy will be updated in due course. 

In addition, cookies will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 

How can I set my preferences or refuse cookies?  

The user can configure cookies through the configuration panel provided on the Website. In any case, only technical cookies will be collected, since they are necessary for browsing the Website.  

If the user wishes to reject the use of cookies, he/she may continue browsing in the Website, but may be limited in the use of some of its functions. 

Additionally, the user can consult the options or instructions provided by his/her browser, through the following links:  

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so it cannot be guaranteed that they are fully adapted to the version of the user's browser. 

For further information on the processing of identifying information through the use of cookies, the user may consult the Privacy Policy