Single-use mixer solutions

Advanced single-use mixer solution for microbial and cell culture applications

Versatile equipment for unmatched performance in single-use bioprocessing.

The ePLUS® Mixer SU designed and manufactured by TECNIC is an advanced versatile equipment thought for microbial and cell culture applications. With innovative features and technology, the combination of these two equipment delivers unmatched performance and efficiency in bioprocessing applications.

The ePLUS® SUM serves as the control hub for a single-use mixer, comprising an intelligent control unit and various compatible tanks. This sophisticated system facilitates precise control over critical process parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature, weight, and agitation speed.

Complementing the single-use mixer equipment, the compatible tanks come in volumes of 50, 100, 200, and 500 liters, all fully aligned with the equipment's specifications. These tanks feature a thermal jacket for efficient temperature control, load cells for weight display on the control tower screen, and a sight glass for seamless integration with single-use sensors.

There are different 3D bags types housed within these tanks (eBAG® Open ⇀, eBAG® Storage ⇀, eBAG® Mixer ⇀), ensuring a tailored fit to the tank's geometry and meeting specific usage requirements, whether for media preparation, storage, or mixing purposes. The single-use mixer equipment, coupled with its compatible tanks, stands as a pinnacle of versatility and precision in single-use mixing systems.

Advanced automation and customization in single-use mixer

Fully automated system with standardized protocols
Optional heating mechanism for enhanced efficacy
Control monitoring
Mobility enhancement
Customisable single-use mixer capabilities

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