ePLUS bridging practicality in bioprocessing

This range represents a comprehensive suite of advanced bioprocessing solutions, each designed to meet the unique challenges of microbial and cell culture applications. The SUM & Tank SU, a pivotal component in the range, offering streamlined operations and compatibility with single-use systems. For ensuring cleanliness and sterility, the CIP system stands out as a highly automated, mobile solution capable of efficiently cleaning equipment with capacities of up to 2000 litres. 

The Media Preparation unit, which is designed for both mixing and storage, sets a new standard in preparing precise culture media.

The DTS is a specialized heat exchanger for various industries, optimizing thermal exchange between multiple fluid streams while ensuring precise temperature control for bioprocesses.

Finally, the Buffer, an integral part of TECNIC's bioprocessing equipment, is specifically designed for fluid storage. It excels in regulating and stabilizing temperatures, thereby optimizing the conditions for various bioprocesses.

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