Microbial fermentation applications

Advancing life science research, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and quality control in applied industries through microbial fermentation, biopharma, and cell & gene therapy

Solutions for the Biotechnology Sector. Our comprehensive range of products and services is designed to meet the specific needs of researchers and professionals in academia, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Specializing in microbial fermentation applications, we offer advanced solutions for cell analysis, precision liquid handling, and advanced bioreactor systems. Our portfolio extends to include high-quality consumables, TFF systems, and essential laboratory equipment, ensuring optima Edit pagel sample preparation and process efficiency.

Dedicated to supporting groundbreaking research, TECNIC focuses on delivering reliable, reproducible results with a swift turnaround, empowering the scientific community in their quest for innovation and discovery.

Specialized equipment in microbial fermentation

We offer top-notch equipment that's specially made for microbial fermentation. This equipment is designed to make the research and production process better in every way. Our equipment uses the latest biotechnological developments. It can handle the tough demands of both business and research use, and it makes it easier to develop and use products made with fermentation.

ePROD® Bioreactor, pivotal in bioprocess technology, brings versatility and efficiency to large scale production with its up to 4000L capacity.

ePLUS® Media Preparation is designed for mixing and storage solutions for precise culture media formulation, setting the stage for transfer.

ePILOT® Bioreactor, a standout in bioprocess technology, offers 10-50L capacity, perfect for scaling up biotech lab processes.

The Cleaning-In-Place system is a highly automated mobile solution for the efficient cleaning equipment for capacities of up to 2000L.

ePLUS® Buffer designed to store a quantity of fluid, typically solutions or medium, for the purpose of regulating and stabilizing temperature.

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In the dynamic field of Cell and Gene Therapy, TECNIC provides equipment for  research and applications. Our portfolio includes specialized solutions for every aspect of this field. Explore our range of Bioreactors, Tangential Flow Filtration systems, and more. Visit our pages for Bioreactors ⇀, Tangential Flow Filtration ⇀, and Contact ⇀ for further information and inquiries.

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