Tangential Flow Filtration in Biotechnology

Optimizing filtration technology with advanced TFF system solutions

We understand the importance of Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) in bioprocess technology, especially in downstream processing. Our range of bioprocess solutions meets the needs of both small labs and larger facilities, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

From optimizing cell culture growth to achieving high purity in protein extraction, our innovations, such as the eLAB®, ePILOT®and ePROD® series, and ePLUS® line, are designed to meet various needs. 

We also specialize in ultrafiltration and diafiltration techniques, essential for concentrating and purifying biomolecules. Using advanced cross flow filtration systems, we ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Our filter membranes provide consistent and reliable results, making them essential tools in the bioprocessing workflow.

Single Use Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

up to 0,7m²

Multi Use Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

From 0,5 to 65m²

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