Bioreactors in Biotechnology

Our bioreactors adress the quality, efficiency and compliance needs of the industry.

Our bioreactors are pivotal for controlled environments in upstream bioprocessing, fostering the growth of cells and microorganisms. They provide precise bioprocessing with robust control and monitoring capabilities, optimizing working volume, and ensuring an appropriate energy source and carbon source for cell lines. Among the types of bioreactors, our designs include stirred tank bioreactors, which are essential for a variety of applications.

The eLAB® series caters to laboratories and includes single-use and multi-use vessels. These offer reliable performance in a variety of culture vessels. This series is ideal for mammalian cell culture, providing the necessary conditions for efficient and reproducible results. These bioreactor designs ensures optimal performance in laboratory settings. 

The ePILOT® series offers scalable solutions for pilot and small-scale production, ensuring consistent conditions across different scales. The ePROD® series is ideal for large-scale production projects. It includes single-use and stainless steel bioreactors to help with efficient bioprocessing.

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From 0,5 to 1000L

Stainless Steel bioreactors

From 10L to 4000L

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