Precise mixing with our media preparation

Media Preparation is a versatile mixing system for life science applications

The definitive solution for automatic media preparation in biotech processes.

The ePLUS® equipment, meticulously designed and crafted by TECNIC, represents an ideal solution for the autonomous preparation of media recipes through its sophisticated automatic system. For Buffer & Media formulation and preparation, this equipment excels in the automated mixing and sterilization of diverse solutions, offering unparalleled adaptability and providing time-saving benefits, precise dosage control, and traceability to ensure media quality.

The core of this equipment comprises a main vessel with an agitation and temperature control system, ensuring proper homogenization of the media. Four additional vessels store stock solutions, maintaining their homogeneity through stirring for precise additions. Peristaltic pumps guarantee an accurate dosage of each component. Upon completion, a centrifugal pump transfers the prepared solution for subsequent utilization.

The ePLUS® Media Preparation boasts advanced features, including a magnetic stirrer, temperature sensors, and enhanced heating and rapid recooling capabilities. This integration of cutting-edge technology with the eSCADA software optimizes the automated preparation and sterilization of media for bioprocessing, resulting in significant time savings, heightened productivity, and reduced contamination risks.

Choosing TECNIC ePLUS® equipment guarantees consistent high quality; simply add your ingredients, and let the system handle the rest, ensuring faster turnaround times and improved overall efficiency.

Streamlined automation and precision in media preparation

Fully automated system with standardized protocols
Heating and cooling mechanism for enhanced efficacy
Media preparation station
Bottom magnetic agitator

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