Clean in Place excellence with ePLUS® CIP

Revolutionizing the cleaning bioprocess system with ePLUS® CIP technology

With our advanced system, you can clean in peace, ensuring that your bioreactors are perfectly prepared for each new batch.

We introduce the fully automatic and easy-to-use ePLUS® CIP system, understanding each industry's unique cleaning needs. This innovative, compact solution features pre-established recipes and a wide range of customizable options, catering to your specific bioprocessing facility needs. Capable of handling cleaning operations for equipment volumes up to 2000 liters, the ePLUS® CIP consistently delivers high-quality outcomes with an intuitive configuration, increasing efficiency and minimizing downtime in large-scale bioprocessing facilities.

Our Clean in Place system is equipped with a 100L or 200L stainless steel tank, compliant with industrial standards. It also features an expandable manifold with four outlets, offering diverse connection options for different equipment types. Optionally, you can integrate a heating system to enhance the cleaning cycle's effectiveness by maintaining the optimal temperature. Additionally, an extra detergent tank can be included for greater flexibility in your cleaning process.

The ePLUS® CIP's technical features showcase its efficacy and meticulous cleaning in biotech environments, especially crucial in high-demand settings where reliability and adaptability are key. Investing in the ePLUS® CIP tank streamlines your cleaning process for optimal efficiency and productivity. Trust TECNIC technology to thoroughly and efficiently clean your bioreactors, ensuring they are ready for their next batch.

Sterilizing processing equipment with our ePLUS® CIP

Rigorous compliance with pharmaceutical standards
Fully automated cip systems with standardized protocols
Optional heating mechanism for enhanced efficacy
High volume cleaning solution

Clean in Place cycles

  1. Pre-Rinse: The pre-rinse phase effectively wets the internal surfaces, removing the majority of remaining residues. This step is crucial for dissolving sugars and partially melting fats, preparing the equipment for the subsequent cleaning stages.

  2. Caustic Wash: The caustic wash in our Clean In Place process targets and breaks down fats, facilitating their removal. This stage is key to eliminating stubborn fat residues that can adhere to equipment surfaces.

  3. Intermediate Rinse: The intermediate rinse utilizes water to flush out any traces of detergent remaining from previous stages. This step ensures that no cleaning agents are left behind, which could otherwise contaminate future production batches.

  4. Drying: This phase removes any moisture remaining inside the equipment to prevent bacterial growth and to prepare the equipment for the sanitizing rinse.

  5. Sanitizing Rinse: The sanitizing rinse aims to kill microorganisms before commencing the next production cycle. This step is crucial for maintaining the sterility and hygiene of the bioprocessing equipment.

  6. Final Rinse: The final rinse, integral to the Clean In Place CIP process, ensures complete removal of cleaning agents, essential for maintaining the integrity of subsequent production processes.

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