Cell and gene therapy applications

Advancing life science research, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and quality control in applied industries through microbial fermentation, biopharma, and cell and gene therapy

Pioneering advanced biotechnological applications. Our comprehensive portfolio is specifically designed to cater to the unique demands of professionals and researchers in cell and gene therapy fields, both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

We specialize in providing solutions for cell culture, gene editing, and therapy development. Our range includes sophisticated bioreactors, TFF systems, and high-quality consumables, all tailored to facilitate research and therapeutic applications. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our support for reliable, reproducible outcomes and rapid results.

Specialized equipment in cell and gene therapy

We offer a range of specialized equipment for gene & cellular therapy, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency at every stage of the development and production process. Our systems are at the forefront of technology, providing advanced solutions that facilitate progress in the research and application of cellular and genetic therapies.

ePILOT® Bioreactor, a standout in bioprocess technology, offers 10-50L capacity, perfect for scaling up biotech lab processes efficiently.

eLAB® Advanced enhances bioprocess technology with its versatile 1L to 5L bioreactor, ideal for advanced biotechnology research.

eLAB® TFF SU, optimized single-use bioprocess equipment for laboratory research, features a 0.7 m² membrane for effective biomolecule purification.

The ePLUS® SUM is advanced bioprocess technology for microbial and cell culture, featuring non-jacketed and jacketed for storage and mixing.

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In the dynamic field of Cell and Gene Therapy, TECNIC provides equipment for  research and applications. Our portfolio includes specialized solutions for every aspect of this field. Explore our range of Bioreactors, Tangential Flow Filtration systems, and more. Visit our pages for Bioreactors ⇀, Tangential Flow Filtration ⇀, and Contact ⇀ for further information and inquiries.

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