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Bioprocess Equipment Manufacturing​

Our designed equipment is equipped with advanced sensors and precisely calibrated parameters, creating a harmonious blend of technology and functionality. These features are carefully integrated to ensure optimal performance and enhanced efficiency, resulting in a superior user experience.


Beyond the manufacturing of exceptional equipment, we are unwavering in our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that meet all our customers’ needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident throughout the entire process, from the initial stages of consultation and customization to the seamless integration and ongoing support we offer.

Custom-Designed Equipment for

Stem Cell

Our bioreactors are specifically designed for stem cell culture and can be used in large-scale expansion of stem cells for therapeutic use.

Vaccine Creation Equipment

With our TFF equipment, researchers can efficiently remove impurities and concentrate vaccine components to achieve optimal purity and potency.

Gene Replication Equipment

With our gene replication equipment, researchers can accurately replicate genes and manipulate gene expression to control stem cell differentiation.

Monoclonal Antibody Production

Our integrated systems for monoclonal antibody production combine bioreactors, gene replication equipment, and tangential flow filtration for optimal yields.

Discover our Bioprocess Equipment​

At TECNIC, we specialize in bioprocess technology, providing bioreactors and innovative solutions for various industries. Our expertise lies in bioreactor design and manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of advanced systems tailored to meet diverse needs.


With a focus on performance and reliability, stirred tank bioreactors are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional results in bioreactor cell culture and fermentation applications. Our advanced stirred tank reactors feature sparging capabilities and are designed to facilitate optimal mixing and aeration.

We understand the importance of clean and hygienic operations, which is why our CIP cleaning systems guarantee seamless clean-in-place procedures, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and operational efficiency. Additionally, our CIP clean-in-place system ensures hassle-free maintenance and minimizes downtime.

Our technologies extend to specialized bioreactors like perfusion bioreactors, wave bioreactors, and temporary immersion bioreactors. These systems enable precise control over critical parameters, resulting in superior yields and product quality.


By harnessing the power of tangential flow filtration (TFF), our bioreactors offer continuous and efficient filtration solutions, allowing for the seamless integration of downstream processing steps.

At TECNIC, we recognize the broad range of applications for bioreactors. From pharmaceutical production to environmental engineering, our versatile systems are utilized in diverse industries, enabling efficient and scalable bioprocessing solutions.


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring the optimal utilization of our bioreactors. Whether it’s system selection, process optimization, or troubleshooting, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring the success of your bioprocess endeavors.


Partner with us and unlock the full potential of bioreactor technology. Experience the reliability, efficiency, and innovation that our bioreactor solutions bring to your operations. Contact us today to explore how our  bioprocess technology can drive your success.

Some of our Bioprocess Equipment

Our range of equipment includes customizable bioreactors, tangential flow filtration, and single-use bags. These systems are part of our integrated solutions for monoclonal antibody production, vaccine creation, and stem cell research and therapy development.

End-to-End Excellence: Design to Assembly Perfection

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