Single Use Systems

Single Use Bioreactors, Tangential Flow Filtrations and Supplies

We provide scalable single use bioreactors and single use Tangential Flow Filtration systems, spanning research to production phases. Our eLAB®, ePILOT®, and ePROD® solutions are engineered to enhance operations and support seamless process scaling. These single use systems ensure precise control throughout all stages of cell culture and bioprocess production.

Our bioprocessing supplies and bioprocess bags, produced in our ISO 7 cleanroom facilities, ensure that each product meets strict industry standards in terms of sterility. We offer 2D bags designed for simple storage and filtration tasks, and 3D bags optimised for complex mixing and storage requirements. 

Finally TECNIC's single-use vessels are available in a variety of configurations and volumes to suit a wide range of biotech applications, ensuring maximum compatibility and flexibility. 

Single use Equipment

From 0,5 to 1000L

Single Use Tangential Flow Filtration

up to 0,7m²

Bioprocess Bags

Supplies with a practical and efficient design

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In-house ISO 7 cleanroom for single-use standards

The manufacturing process for our single-use bioprocessing products, such as the eBAG® 2D, 3D and SU vessel, strictly complies with the rigorous standards of an ISO 7 cleanroom This specific classification guarantees a highly controlled environment, characterized by a maximum particle count of 10,000 (≥ 0.5 μm) per cubic meter of air. 

This level of control is critical for ensuring the sterility and quality of our products, as it significantly reduces the risk of microbial and particulate contamination. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that each product meets the high expectations of purity and performance required in sensitive bioprocessing applications, providing our clients with reliable and consistent biotechnological solutions.